Wooah! Today I'm going to talk about a new CD created by the famous music band Thirty Seconds To Mars and their incredible new songs.

The group become famous in 1998 and in that moment was formed by Jared Letto and his older brother that later succed in 2000 in MTV with his new album called A Beatiful LIe. But now the most amazing album in my opinion is the second one called This is War.

While you're listenin´ the next song you get anxious. You feelasensation tofight with all people and to claim all over the world that you're as you want and nobody can change your philosophy and your way of thinking. Right now my best phylosophy is MUSIC. Because "some people use to believe in God, I believe in Music. Some people use to pray, I use to listen to the radio." ( sentece said by 30 Seconds to Mars fans)



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