I was expecting impatiently to talk about one of my favourite bands since I was four years old, the first band I heard and the first band I have fallen in love.

I'm talking about a photogenic irish band called The Corrs who is formed by vocalist Andrea, drummer Caroline, violinist Sharon and guitarist/keyboard player called Jim and they composed a lot of modern pop/rock songs.

They started to become famous in 1991 in Ireland and in 1994 the ambassador of America called them to sing in the World Cup of Boston. Later they were known in 1996 in the Olympic Games of Atlanta.

Their first album called Forgiven, Not Forgotten was in 1995 and the three after albums that were the most incredible albums all over the world with some examples like: Talk on Corners ( 1998), In Blue (2000) and Home (2005).

The most famous songs were: Angel, Breathless(the most incredible), Give me a reason and Irresistibe.


  1. aunque muchos no conocen a este grupo en mi país, sus canciones son muy hermosas, doy fe de ello porque las he traducido y escuchado todas, atrevanse a escucharlos no se arrepentiran


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