So let'a gonna talk about one of the famous american singer-songwriter and a record producer. When kevin was a teenager he began to sing in local bars and with amateurs bands in the place where he grew up NY city. Nevertheless he started to record his own songs, when he decided to buy a computer and a keyboard.


      He has been awared with 4x Platinum (three in USA and one in AUS) in 2008 with his new album IN THE CITY, in special with song called Lel it rock and the next one was called Welcome to the world (feat KID CUDI). Later he won in 2010 a Gold and a Platinum in the song whose name is I made it (the best of all songs).  Finally he decided to record a new album with the song I made it and another great song called You make the rain fall ( feat Flo-Rida).

     In addition I will add that he has composed songs for famous music bands like: Cobra Starship ( Hot Mess), Lifehouse (Halfway gone), and more famous bands.




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