Uffie was born in California and at the age of four her parents decided to live in Hong Kong, where they were living a big part of her life. Nevertheless when she went with her fater to Paris, she recieved the european influence and she decided to go into the Mode's World studyin' at Rue de Passy, but when she recieved the electronic's influence she started makin' this kind of music. Her music is a mix between Crystal Castles and Justice ( with their colabouration). Now she is one of the most controversial artist in the Electronic Music World and she has made important remixes from Justice to Pharrell Williams.

Uffie's name comes from the French words Un Oeuf (which means "an egg"), a nickname her father gave her as a child for being so rowdy.

So, I can only add that is one of the best artist all over the world and I am lookin' forward to goin' to one of her concert like the last year, when she went to SOS 4.8 in Murcia. The best Music Festival that has ever made.


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