Crystal Castles

The last 27th of July in Benidorm we received in our country one of the best electronic bands called "Crystal Castles". Two years later oh their first coming to this country at the same place, we   had the pleasure of listening them again in live with some song of his third album that came out November 2012. 

They have a fantastic staging and spectacular way of improvisation. In the first place they appeared in the stage with his mute and sad way of actuation and playing the first song of the 3rd album called PLAGUE. They also played some song of the first and second album. 

About the first album we have : UNTRUST US, ALICE PRACTICE (the song that made them famous all over the world), Black Panther and Courtship Dating.

Of the second album they played: CELESTICA, BAPTISM and NOT IN LOVE (the most famous and comercial song of this band). 

Finally the decided to act with some songs of the third album, making this concert one of the best concert all over Spain. I'm so grateful to have assisted and I expect to come back when they repeated here.

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