New Miley Cyrus's video

40 days later of the new Miley Cyrus's video in Miley Cyrus's channel she has upload the Director's cut version when we can see the whole video without censure. It's quite interesting the thing that "We can't stop" was gonna be a Rihanna's song in her new album "Unapolegetic" but finally it has become in a new Miley's song.

About this song Miley has recognized that talk about drugs like "Extasis" and it's been one of the first video to show the real meaning of "twerk". 

In addition I can say that I like the rythm of the song and has a kind of madness that actual teenagers like but it's not a hit song. So that's all and thanks for visiting.

If you have some information about the purple's hair girl in the video just comment and comunicate me, thank you.