Macklemore comes to change us

Hi again and welcome to another of my week entries. Today it's a special and I would wanna talk about one of the "new" hip hop boys of EEUU called Macklemore. This 30 years old man has written one fot he best songs of hip hop from 2010 to right now. 

About his life I can talk about his hip hop inspiration since he was 6 years old. Also he was a baseball fan with some songs inspired in his own religion and philosophy doctrines, in sexuallity terms and one song about one baseball comentatory's death.

One point to have into account are his several drug addiction and his controversial downfall. He seemes to have lived some bad experiencies but he is recovering right now with music's help and his fan's support.

Here are some of his cool and new songs who had travelled all around the world and had turned into new hit songs. I hope you valorate his meaningful lyrics and his controversial messages. I really like this guy and I think he has a lot of potential.

One main point is the fact that he defends the homosexual marriage because of their gay uncles and criticates the homophobic hate from hip hop world. In this song he destacates this message.