All started when I was 14 years old and a my friend taught who were 30STM with their incredible official video called "The Kill" where they showed an history about an emperor's desire. This desire is that the band has to fight until their death and it's so interesting the way they mixed the fight with the song.

(The Kill official video)

Nevertheless, the band have been progressing and have gifted us some incredible and eternal songs that I hope I'll never forget. These songs are so incredible (the fact is that I will upload some when I remembered it) but I would like to desiccate a new one called "City of Angels" where they have the collaboration of some big artists as: Selena Gomez, James Franco,… making this video a masterpiece. I think that this song will be another hit in music's history and hope you enjoyed it.

(Selena Gomez's collaboration)

(James Franco's collaboration)

(City of Angels's official video)