Why should I talk about Arcade Fire? The accurate question would be "Why not?" I never heard about them till six months ago when some special persona send me this song and I just felt in love in the first play. It was the perfect mix of lrycis and beats with some special message or feeling to transmit me in that moment. I hope that you feel the same as me, it would be amazing.

Nevertheless the song that I wanted to share with you is a new song that they have uploaded some weeks ago and this song has arrived in the right and best moment. It's that kind of song that you never wanted to stop listening. They have a deep respect and interest in some tribe's ritual like this vide shows, but the good one (in my opinion9 would be the official video where they told a stroy about a latin's family where they dream lives and real lives live together in perfect armony. I hope you enjoyed these videos.

(Lyric video)

(Official video)