Why should I talk about this fantastic artist? Because I have fallen in love with every official video and songs that day by day I'm discovering. Four days ago, Lorde uploaded a new official song for the Team's song, one incredible hit for many reasons: one of them are its lyrics which announces us that we belong to an unique team, the other team like a misunderstood team and the official video tries to show us the acceptance and the proofs you have to overcome to enter. (It's the way I understood it).

(Team's official video)

On the other part I want to destacate her incredible performance in Letterman and Halloween Concerts where she made and incredible actuation with her only weapon, her voice. She said so time ago that she didn't know how to dance, but I think that she defends herself so good. In the other way, my favourite Lorde's song at now is "Ribs" and I will let you her lyric's video to make you understand the reason.

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(Rib's lyrics video)