These last yeas Miley Cyrus has changed from the little and innocent Disney's girl to the wild and risky woman who everyone has seen her uncontrolled tongue's movement and her provocative dance called "twerking" (and sorry, but she didn't invent the twerking). The first time I saw her new attitude and pray of attention was in a Borgore's video where she showed her new facet and wild show where everyone knew that she didn't pretend tocome back to her oldies. Nevertheless, I would like to destacate her incredible voice and staging who has really impressed all her fans and people who didn't know anything about her. The song I would like to destacate is a country one where she proved all her voice and her charming tone. That song is fantastic.

Thank you everyone and I hope you like it.

(Jolene's cover/ Dolly Parton's song)

(Borgore and Miley Cyrus song)