Yes, I know that I haven't uploaded for two months. Nevertheless, I try to come back again for keep you in touch with some kind of new artists and music. The reason why I set aside the blog was my career, because this last seasons I have a lot of works but you should know that I have passed all the subjects.
Now it's time for a spanish singer from Valencia who has surprised us with his new song called "Worldwide" that seems to be a hit in spanish's music. I hope so. One thing to take into account is the beat of the song so similar as XXYYXX and in my opinion a very good one. There are so little things to improve but I think he has good future in music's life.
Keep fighting and I'm sure you won't disappoint us.
Good job

(Don't take into account my english level or english expression both are a little disaster)

(This is his official's video)

(XXYYXX's reference)

If you want more information about him just check out his youtube's channel or his facebook page.