Hi everyone again. So many months ago I promised to upload a daily entry, but I don't dedicate so much time to this page and I really regret about it.
So I decided to talk about my fabulous experience in Bilbao where I had the most powerful and energetic experience in years. This festival has 3 days of a long variety of music bands since Frank Ferdinand to MGMT.
The first day I couldn't watch White Lies or John Newman because of the time, but friends of mine told me that were so fantastic concerts.

(White Lies)

(John Newman)

Later when I arrived to the BBK place I could enjoy one of the best bands called Frank Ferdinand who played old and new songs of their album and fill up all the place.

(Frank Ferdinand)

When the concert ended I could listen to the fantastic rhythm of Crystal Fighters who impressed us with a lovely live concert and where the people danced with the beat of their incredible songs.

(Crystal Fighters)
The second day was the most complete and full emotions day. This day we started watching The 1975, an english boy band, who started with a little crowd but they could finish with an exciting and animated concert.

(The 1975)

The following concert was one the best live's performance I have ever seen in my life from the fantastic and unique Bastille. The Bad Blood's album has been a complete hit in our current music industry and, in my opinion, they will reach a worldwide fame.


Nevertheless it wasn't the unique surprise because Foster The People's live concert turned to be one of the best performance of the day next to Bastille where the boy band fill up again all the place and people got excited with all of their songs.

(Foster The People)

And the night couldn't have finished with the impressive performance of The Prodigy where the fans turned crazy and started shaking themselves as total crazy people. INCREDIBLE!!!

(The Prodigy)

Sadly all festivals finish and the last day we could watch the last bands, but so incredible too.
Nevertheless I couldn't watch Band of Horses who promised to be a perfect concert, but I would let you with one of my favorite songs from them.

(Band of Horses)

Two concerts later we could watch the biggest capacity of the festival to enjoy listening to one of the most famous bands of the BBK whose name is "The Black Keys" who impacted us with an incredible live concert.

(The Black Keys)

Finally I ended with this festival listening to MGMT who impressed us playing the most famous songs of their first album and some songs of the second one. (Personally I think the first album is better than the second).


Thanks for reading me, I hope you like this entry and follow me on twitter and instagram.